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(House Hunters, Las Vegas, Arrested Development, etc.)


An ongoing workshop for actors, writers, filmmakers, singers, dancers, comedians, poets, storytellers, musicians, teachers, lawyers, executives, or ANYONE who wants to PERFORM or COMMUNICATE at a higher level.  If you have a burning need to find your unique voice and reach your audience with more personal honesty, you’ll love THE PLAYING FIELD.


Suzanne Whang is an accomplished television host, actor, stand-up comedian, writer, keynote speaker, minister, political activist, teacher, and coach.  She has a B.A. in Psychology from Yale University and a Masters Degree in Cognitive Psychology from Brown University.  Suzanne is a stage 4 breast cancer thriver, and she was on the Emmy nomination ballot for her starring role as Divina in the new sitcom “From Here on Out”!  Suzanne also has a recurring role on Kingdom (DirecTV), she shot a co-star role on Jane Lynch's new sitcom Angel from Hell, and she's starring in the new feature film Weekend with the Family!


“The Playing Field is... an incubator of creativity, an awesome place to come to develop & nurture a new idea or just to give your imagination a kick-start.  Suzanne Whang fosters a protective, supportive environment to explore your ideas and experiment with your performances, all the while encouraging you to personalize your work and pushing you to become deeper and more authentic than you thought possible.  It's really unlike any class I've been in.  If you're looking to be inspired or to flesh out that "great idea" that's been gnawing at you, The Playing Field is the perfect spot.”

     -- Matt Iseman, Host of “American Ninja Warrior”/Doctor/Stand-Up Comedian



(Class location in Burbank.  Address given after you RSVP)



1)  I've always wanted a class that is fun and inspiring, for artists of ALL TYPES

2)  I’ve been looking for an artistic community to inspire me

3)  I want to start a new dream

4)  I want to resurrect a broken dream

5)  I want to polish a dream that’s going well, and I want to catapult myself to a new level

6)  I believe in miracles



* Ways to reconnect to your childlike wonder and sense of play

* How to break through obstacles that could be blocking your creative flow and financial success as an artist 

* How to find your unique voice as an artist, no matter how you express it





"Suzanne Whang is a gift from the gods, and The Playing Field is her amazing gift to anyone with something to say, share, or perform."

     -- David Sobel, Photographer/Actor/Writer


"Being coached by Suzanne Whang is like hiring a tour guide to your own awesomeness. You pick the goal, and she'll employ her open heart and fearless spirit to inspire you to become your highest self, and realize your wildest aspirations.  I am honored to be coached by someone so dynamically compassionate, beautifully genuine and really fucking funny. If you need a way to fire up your highest self, then she’s your woman.” 

     -- Amy Ball, Writer/Actor/Kick-Ass Human


“Every once in a while you get the privilege of finding a teacher in this business who doesn't just want to make you a better actor, but wants to make you a better life.  Suzanne Whang is the rare teacher who will stretch your limits and inspire you to grow in ways you never imagined.  She is the most creative and caring teacher I've ever had in this business, and I've been around a long time!  She will help you find every ounce of greatness that is hiding inside; I promise, she'll leave no stone unturned when it comes to making you a better actor, artist or aardvark, whatever you want to be!”

     -- Jack Kennedy, Filmmaker/Actor/Writer


"What is wonderful about Suzanne Whang is that she has accomplished so much in so many fields and she uses all of that expansive perspective in her teaching.  She brings humor, truth, inspiration, encouragement, and soulfulness to her classes that mix with her razor sharp business acumen to really help you find your unique creative voice and forge a path towards your dreams.  With Suzanne’s help, I booked the first television role I had ever auditioned for, on “All My Children.”  I had been in Los Angeles for 13 years, doing indie films, and never had been given the chance to even audition for television.  Not only did her inspiration and belief in me help me attract the audition, but her straightforward communication style and practical coaching helped me book the role.  Do yourself a favor, study with Suzanne."

     -- Kelly DeSarla, Actor/Writer/Musician/Songwriter/Storyteller


“Suzanne Whang challenges us to step outside of our comfort zones and take giant leaps, even when our hearts are pounding, even when we feel like we are going to hurl from anxiety.  And she doesn't do this from a cozy armchair, or resting on her laurels ~ she LIVES IT.  Suzanne is offering more than a workshop, she is sharing a community she dreamed into existence.  It is for artists who want to walk with the truest expression of themselves, thriving in their artistic freedom.  The Playing Field is a slice of the dream I had for my life once upon a time, when I imagined anything was possible for me in Hollywood.  I’m inspired by the brilliance I see in every single member of The Playing Field, as we all rise together in the space of creativity.  I know the work I do in this sacred and safe space is of immeasurable benefit to my life and career.  True confession:  Part of me wants to keep The Playing Field a secret.  This is Narnia.  This is Pandora.  Thanks Suzanne, for being brave and showing us what it looks like to break through personal barriers.  You're the real deal, Coach!”  

     -- Leela Vox, TV & Radio Host/Writer/Actor/Singer/Tanguera/Artist


“Suzanne Whang's zest for life is infectious.  I was experiencing a "downshift" in my outlook and was recommended to go to Suzanne for a tune-up.  In one session, she helped me kick things back into gear.  Her unique approach is holistic, gentle and very humorous.  I'm not completely sure how she did it, but upon leaving the session, I felt clearer and more inspired.  In hindsight, she helped guide me to a focused and optimistic state where my career and finance goals now seemed attainable.  More importantly, my days are now filled with more gratitude, enjoyment, and above all, reasons to smile.”

     -- Christian Svensson, Actor/Writer/Producer


“Suzanne Whang is my favorite Asian... cheerleader!  She is every artist’s biggest fan.  The Playing Field is a safe space to explore and develop your creative expression, no matter what your background.  I really enjoy the mix of artists, doctors, teachers, and all the different perspectives.  I get honest yet supportive feedback from not only Suzanne but the other “Fieldmates” as she lovingly calls us.  Being in her class was “The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back” for me on finally taking action to offer a movement class I have been dreaming about for as long as I can remember.  My “Move Through It” class was born in The Playing Field.  Thank you to Suzanne and my Fieldmates for encouraging me to “split leap” into a whole new world of artistic expression!”

     -- Tara Raucci, Dancer/Singer/Actor/Writer/Teacher/“Move Through It” Creator


“Suzanne Whang is a beacon of light that attracts and inspires illuminating artistry.  If life has guided you to Suzanne Whang as a teacher, mentor and/or coach, you have been blessed.  Suzanne believes everyone to be an artist in some way, shape or form.  She will take you beyond what you previously believed you were capable of, and she will do it from a place of pure understanding and love.”

     -- Conor Gernandt, Writer/Actor/Poet/Rapper


“I could write an entire book about how brilliant, creative, knowledgeable and supportive Suzanne Whang is and all that she offers to the amazing array of artists/students she attracts to the Playing Field. But, because Suzanne has inspired me to actually finish the novel I began some years ago and I am happily, deeply into that project, this paragraph will have to suffice for now.  I have never seen myself as a performer.  I had been a student of Tai Ji for many years and had just been asked to teach a workshop that included Tai Ji. Learning to teach Tai Ji was the first project I chose for the Playing Field. The specific coaching and feedback I received was invaluable to both my confidence and my skills when it came time to successfully teach my group.  Once Suzanne coached the writer in me out of the closet and I began to bring sections of my book to class, Suzanne’s vast wisdom, knowledge, skills and authenticity have been a constant source of inspiration for me.  I have joyfully watched her bring out the best in all of us.”

     -- Carolyn Grothe, Psychotherapist


“Suzanne Whang has the capacity to help unlock my passion and vitality in ways that are magical.  There is an energetic vibration at The Playing Field that allows us to tap into our own inherent creativity.  Suzanne believes in you before you believe in yourself.  So many of us have dreams to give our gifts to the world.  Suzanne unties the knots, opens the gifts, and shows us how to shine.”

     -- Jann Hoffman, Hypnotherapist/Clairvoyant/Singer/Comedian


"Suzanne Whang is not only skilled and wicked smart but, she's got great intuition. A divine combo for the perfect teacher.  She gives you a safe place to discover hidden parts of yourself, without judgment or pressure ~ just love and support.  The Playing Field 'WAKES YOU UP' in a setting that’s intimate, professional, and FUN.  Thank you Suzanne for lifting my soul.  I’m grateful to have you in my life!” 

     -- Alexandra Choi, Actor/Writer/Storyteller




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